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José Diogo Sobrinho

José Diogo Souza Sobrinho was born in Itapecerica/MG on January 11, 1942. He studied at the "Severo Ribeiro" School Group until the fourth grade of primary school. At the age of thirteen, he was a titular shoemaker at the "Capuccio e Filhos" shoe factory. With the bankruptcy of the factory, he went to work as a mason's helper and, later, as a baker at the bakery "Santo Antônio". In 1962, he went to São João Del Rei to serve in the army. Finishing his time, he moved to São Paulo, where he stayed for four years. He was a practical dentist for twenty-two years, in the cities of Itapecerica, Pedra do Indaiá and Unaí. He moved to Unaí, the city where he currently lives, in 1972, abandoning the profession to dedicate himself to the construction industry. He is married and the father of five children: Ana Paula, Ricardo, Andréa, Ronaldo and Renato. He always liked to write. At the age of nine, he began writing chronicles, acrostics and poetry. Passionate about crime literature, he decided to write some titles from July 18, 2017 to November 18, 2018.


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